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DukMat™ Flexible Walkway

DukMat Flexible Walkway

Non-Penetrating Flexible Walkway Systems for Membrane, Rubber & Bur Roof Systems

When you need a safe all-weather rooftop walkway mat with easy installation, choose DukMat for your roof system. DukMat installs in mere seconds and provides complete roof membrane protection. Unlike other systems, the DukMat needs only cable ties for installation — no specialized equipment required. Once it’s been carefully placed in the desired position, a DukMat flexible walkway is stable enough to handle hurricane-force winds. Unlike other walkway systems, the DukMat causes no harm to your roof and protects your roof membrane against damage. 

Flexible walkways systems are essential to keeping your employees safe and protecting the integrity of your roof. These designated pathways help keep your workers far away from potential fall hazards. When used alongside fall protection plans and training programs, DukMat flexible walkways protect your crew, building and reputation. 


Non-Penetrating Flexible Walkway Features

DUKMAT™ Non-Penetrating Flexible Walkway

The DukMat Non-Penetrating Flexible Walkway System comes in 2, 3, and 4ft widths measuring 33ft in length. DukMat provides excellent grip without obstructing the walkway or becoming cumbersome. DukMat comes in a variety of colors, including grey, white and yellow, and several different grip textures for different walkway demands and specifications. This non-penetrating roof walkway system is designed for use on bitumen, GRP, PVC and coated steel roofs. 

The DukMat installation process takes only a matter of minutes. To install a DukMat, simply roll the walkway across the terrain you need to cover. When you have two DukMats you’d like to attach together, just align the edges and secure them using plastic cable ties. DukMat is durable enough that they require no fixing and remain in place even if they encounter hurricane-force winds. In a matter of only minutes, you can build a slip-resistant rooftop walkway system wherever you need it. 

Keep Your Flat Rooftop Walkway Safe With Solutions From FIXFAST USA

With our extensive selection of safety equipment, FIXFAST USA is an expert at supplying you with trusted products that provide maximum safety and minimum fuss. For more than 40 years, FIXFAST USA has kept our business focused on family, so we understand the importance of safety to your employees and operation. Our customer service representatives are ready to assist you in finding the right DukMat product for your business and give you a quote as fast as possible.

To learn more about FIXFAST USA safety solutions for your business or to request a quote for DukMat walkways, contact us online today.  

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